26 Aug 2021


“The best customer care I have ever experienced with a bank”


26 August 2021


“The best customer care I have ever experienced with a bank”


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When you become a client of Coutts, you will be part of an exclusive network

A personal service that is enhanced by digital technology is one of our core tenets. In the competitive space of modern personal finance we know there are many gestures that in reality mean little; so at Coutts Crown Dependencies we are clear that as private bankers for international clients with ranging demands and locations, it is our service defines us.

During the pandemic, the need to work with clients remotely in responding to and predicting their needs has proven the value of our digital capabilities, showing that service is not something that stops at the office door. We are excited by this because we believe this capability and our unique position as a Crown Dependencies-based bank operating out of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, makes us one of international banking’s best kept secrets.

With a dedicated team we serve our client base of UK resident, non-resident, domiciled, non-domiciled and international clients, providing them with everything the Coutts’ network, wealth management and banking capabilities have to offer while tailoring their accounts to be fiscally sensitive.

“Coutts is providing the best customer care I have ever experienced with a bank,” one client recently told us. “They have been instrumental in helping me settle my banking arrangements, including those specific to the domiciled but non-resident status; and offer a wide range of services that are super useful for expats.”

What does this mean in practice?

As a bank, Coutts Crown Dependencies is able to offer clients with a Coutts current account a Coutts Debit Card which has multi-currency functionality for a single account: allowing you to spend in 21 currencies worldwide. Our service is attuned to tax exposures at every level, so we also provide designated cards linked to accounts for use within and outside of the UK to ensure tax efficiency. As a private bank we are also able to offer digital payment capabilities with unlimited value and online foreign exchange transactions at your convenience.

We understand that international clients’ assets and holdings can be disparate and tied into different jurisdictions. To enable our clients to work and bank effectively, we align with Coutts UK International specialist teams at their London headquarters to provide a seamless service.

Given this position of responsibility, we are proactive: we understand international clients and their potential tax trigger points and will work with them and their advisors to ensure account structuring is right and action is taken where needed. Our wealth managers have access to an extensive range of services to support clients in achieving their desired returns and objectives. Through this engagement we look to become a trusted advisor to our clients, managing their banking and wealth management needs through the generations.

For international clients the wealth journey can be a physical one as home countries change over time. We have built a service that is as dynamic as our clients, making the most of our digital assets to ensure clients are supported wherever and whenever and without compromising the personal provisions that we know are more crucial than ever to private banking – that is why every client has a dedicated banker whom they can call whenever they need to.

We pride ourselves on our capability to help grow clients’ wealth, not just care for it. In joining Coutts Crown Dependencies, we want every client to have the access and service they need to thrive and enjoy life – wherever they are.


Specific eligibility criteria apply to each product and service. Fees and charges may apply.


Coutts Debit Card

  •  Eligibility criteria apply
  • The card can only be connected to one current account per foreign currency
  • It cannot be used with the following currencies: Chinese Yuan (CNY), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Indian Rupee (INR), Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), Thai Baht (TBH) and Egyptian Pound (EGP)
  • When abroad, if you choose to have a transaction converted to sterling at the point of sale, any connection to your currency current account will not apply and we will debit your sterling current account