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  • Risk Warnings

    Past performance should not be taken as a guide to future performance.

    The value of investments, and the income from them, can go down as well as up, and you may not recover the amount of your original investment.

    Where an investment involves exposure to a foreign currency, changes in rates of exchange may cause the value of the investment, and the income from it, to go up or down.

    Investments in emerging markets are subject to certain special risks, which include, for example, a certain degree of political instability, relatively unpredictable financial market trends and economic growth patterns, a financial market that is still in the development stage and a weak economy. 

    Any tax reliefs referred to on this website are those available under current legislation, which may change, and their availability and value will depend on your individual circumstances.

    In the case of some investments, you should be aware that there is no recognised market for them and that it may therefore be difficult for you to deal in them or to obtain reliable information about their value or the extent of the risks to which they are exposed.

    Certain investments carry a higher degree of risk than others and are, therefore, unsuitable for some investors. Before contemplating any transaction, you should consider whether you require financial advice, please contact your relationship manager.

    With regard to currency accounts, there is an exchange rate risk if the currency is not the depositor’s reference currency.

  • RBS International Ltd Dealing And Custody Service

    This is an execution only dealing service. We will not provide investment advice to you under this service. Accordingly, when giving orders or instructions to us, you must rely upon your own judgment and in every case the transaction will be your responsibility. If you require investment advice, please speak to your Relationship Manager. 

    The Dealing & Custody service is Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission 

  • RBS International Ltd Complaints Handling Policy

    At RBS International t/a Coutts Crown Dependencies, we place great importance on providing the highest standards of service to our clients.

    However, we recognise that occasionally we do make mistakes. In these instances, we encourage our clients to advise us of their complaints so that we have the opportunity to put matters right.

    We aim to get your complaint resolved as quickly as possible by staff with the right experience, knowledge and authority.

    We want to:

    • make it easy for you to raise your complaint;
    • listen to your complaint;
    • consider your suggestions for how we can put matters right;
    • make sure you are satisfied with how your complaint was handled and resolved;
    • be efficient and fair in all of our dealings with you.

    This page explains what to do if you have a complaint about our services. It also outlines the timescales you should expect for resolving complaints and who to contact if you are not satisfied with our response.

    How and where to complain

    If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service or products, please advise your relationship manager in person, in writing, by telephone or email.

    If your complaint relates to your relationship manager, please advise their Director whose details are Coutts Crown Dependencies, Royal Bank House, 71 Bath Street, St. Helier, Jersey, JE4 8PJ.

    How long will it take?

    Taking the day of receipt as the first business day, our aim is to contact you within two business days. We will address your concerns as soon as possible and within our regulatory guidelines. 

    Five days

    If we have been unable to resolve your complaint with you by the end of the fourth business day, we will write to you within five business days to:

    • acknowledge receipt of your complaint;
    • tell you who is dealing with your complaint;
    • tell you how long we expect to take to resolve it.

    Responding to your concerns

    Should your concerns take us longer to resolve than we initially anticipated, we will contact you to update you on progress.

    Within eight weeks

    We will generally send you a ‘final response’ letter. This will clearly set out the Bank’s position with regard to your complaint and we will also provide a leaflet advising you how to contact the Financial Ombudsman to review your complaint if you are not happy with our resolution. You will receive a copy of their leaflet and will have six months from the date of our 'final response' letter to ask them to carry out a review.

    In the Channel Islands you may ask the Financial Ombudsman to review your complaint if we have been unable to resolve it within three months.

    The Financial Ombudsman acts independently of the Bank and provides a free service as an impartial adjudicator. You can contact the Financial Ombudsman at:

    Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (CIFO)
    PO Box 114
    Jersey, Channel Islands
    JE4 9QG

    Jersey phone number: +44 (0)1534 748610

    Guernsey phone number: +44(0)1481 722218

    Email: enquiries@ci-fo.org

    Website: www.ci-fo.org

    You must contact the Financial Ombudsman about your complaint within six months of receiving our resolution or they may not be able to review your complaint. You must also contact the Financial Ombudsman within six years of the event complained about or (if later) two years of when you could reasonably have been expected to become aware that you had a reason to complain.

    After eight weeks

    We appreciate that at times, your complaint may be particularly complex and on such occasions, it may take longer than eight weeks for us to come to a resolution. If this happens, we will write to you within the eighth week of your concerns being raised, to let you know why your complaint has not been fully resolved and what investigation has taken place.  We will also provide you with a timescale as to when you can expect a final response from us.

    In the Isle of Man you may ask the Financial Ombudsman to review your complaint if we have been unable to resolve it within eight weeks

    The Financial Ombudsman acts independently of the Bank and provides a free service as an impartial adjudicator. If together we cannot reach a satisfactory resolution you may refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. You can contact the Isle of Man Financial Services Ombudsman at:

    The Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme

    Government Building
    Lord Street
    Isle of Man
    IM1 1LE

    Telephone: +44 (0)1624 686500

    Fax: +44 (0)1624 686504

    Email: ombudsman@iomoft.gov.im

    Website: www.gov.im/oft

    You must bring a complaint to the Isle of Man Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme within six years of the act or omission which led to your complaint and within two years of when it should have come to your notice if you weren’t aware of it immediately. 

  • Copyright

    You may use information on this site for your own personal reference only. You may reproduce this information in hard copy solely for your personal use. The information may not otherwise be reproduced, stored, distributed, or transmitted to any other person or incorporated in any way into another document or other material unless you first get our written permission.

  • Internet Monitoring

    To maintain the security of its systems, protect its staff and detect fraud and other crimes, the NatWest Group (of which RBS International t/a Coutts Crown Dependencies is a part) reserves the right to monitor all internet communications, including web and e-mail traffic, into and out of its domains. Such monitoring includes, but is not limited to, checks for viruses and other malignant code, criminal activity and use or content which breaches the Group’s internal policies. The NatWest Group also reserves the right not to deliver any communication that breaches its internal policies.

  • Communication

    We may monitor, record, store and use any telephone, email or other communication with you (in order to check any instructions given to us, for training purposes, for crime prevention and to improve the quality of our customer service).

  • Execution Policy

    This policy is relevant to Retail clients to whom RBS International t/a Coutts Crown Dependencies owes contractual or agency obligations. It sets out our standards and methodology and explains how we ensure business is conducted in line with current regulation 

  • Execution Venue List

    This list of execution venues is not exhaustive. We are not required to use these venues on every occasion and therefore we reserve the right to use other execution venues. Where we deem appropriate we may add or remove any execution venues from this list. This list will be reviewed and updated where necessary or on at least an annual basis. You will be notified separately of any material changes to these venues. You are encouraged to therefore refer to the current list of execution venues from time to time.

    • RBS International t/a Coutts Crown Dependencies Execution
    • Coutts UK Execution Policy & Venue List

    Client Order Execution Policy

  • Forward Foreign Exchange

    Below is a list of Key Information Documents for some of the products we offer. If you cannot find the relevant Key Infromation Document for the product you require or wish to see historical Key Information Documents, please contact us on +44(0) 2072930770