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Need to Know is the weekly investment podcast exclusive for Coutts clients.

Each week we chat to senior members of Coutts Asset management team to find out what you need to know for the week ahead.

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2 August 2022


What’s driving divergent GDP across the US , Europe and UK, looking back on a strong month for stock markets and why the US Federal Reserve is data dependant.


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26 July 2022


In a special episode of Need to Know Sarah Muir spoke to Coutts Chairman, Lord Waldegrave to get his thoughts on the Conservative Party leadership contest. Topics covered include the future direction of the party, claims this is a ‘fractious’ campaign and the role Boris Johnson may play when he finally leaves number 10.


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25 July 2022


It’s a big week for data, not least Wednesday’s US Federal Meeting. A lot of what we learn this week about growth, inflation and interest rates will set the mood for markets over the coming months.


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19 July 2022


The latest investor sentiment report from the Bank of America, the ECB to raise rates and what that means for Italy and the latest from US corporate earnings season.


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12 July 2022


The Conservative party leadership contest and what it means for the UK economy, dollar strength rather than sterling weakness, and key US data.


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6 July 2022


In special episode Sarah Muir spoke with Coutts Managing Director and former soldier, Alex Liddle about the war in Ukraine. Does Russia’s victory in Lysychansk mark a change in fortunes for Putin? Do we see a swift resolution to the conflict or a long drawn out war of attrition and how would that impact markets?


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5 July 2022


A recession in name only, wise words on investing during periods of peak pessimism and an esoteric measurement the Fed uses to gauge the outlook for inflation.


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28 June 2022


Recent controversy surrounding responsible investing, agreeing on ESG terminology, and why current headwinds won’t impact our long term responsible investing commitments.


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27 June 2022


Alan Higgins and Sarah Muir consider the three Rs – recession outlook, rebounds and Russian debt default.


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20 June 2022


What can previous bear markets tell us about what to expect this time round?

Alan Higgins and Sarah Muir compare and contrast 1973/74, 2000 – 2002 and 2008/09. 


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13 June 2022


Market reaction to Friday’s red-hot US CPI data, the latest UK GDP data and cryptocurrencies under pressure.


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6 June 2022


What research tells us about the value of the old adage, ‘sell in May’, expectations ahead of this week’s US CPI number and last but not least, the latest on Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter and Tesla’s exclusion form major ESG indices.


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30 may 2022


‘Buy the dip’ vs ‘sell in May’, the ECB finally shifts towards a more hawkish stance, and thoughts on Stuart Kirk’s controversial climate change comments.


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